Is it safe to buy on the Locherber Milano website?

Absolutely yes; we adopt all the safety protocols to protect the customer.

Why buy on the Locherber Milano website?

Because as an official online store we have the entire catalog of our products and it is easy and safe to make purchases.

How can I receive updates on the Locherber Milano world?

1. By registering for our newsletter.
2. By following our Instagram pages.

How long does a fragrance last?

It depends on several factors, natural and non-natural: size and temperature of the environment in which it is located, exposure to the sun and ventilation. For a longer life, it is advisable to always keep the liquid at least halfway up the bottle, just below the fragrance label.

How to choose the right format for the diffuser?

To choose the right bottle size, it is important to start from the size of the environment you want to perfume. Consult the indications contained in each product sheet in the Positioning section.

Where is it best to place the bottle?

At man height. For medium-sized rooms it is better to place it in the center of the room, for larger rooms two or more bottles positioned on opposite sides.

Are Sticks included with each purchase ?

No; the sticks are only included in the diffusers purchase, while by purchasing the refill the sticks are not included but can be purchased separately.

Do I need to use all of the supplied sticks?

The sticks are based on the standard size indicated in each product sheet. However, nothing prevents the consumer from adjusting the desired intensity by adding or decreasing the number of sticks inside the diffuser.

Is it necessary to turn the sticks?

Our sticks are made of fiber and do not need to be turned; they also have the great advantage of not turning yellow and not bending like the classic rattan sticks. If the consumer wants to turn them over, he will feel the fragrance more.

Where are Locherber Milano home fragrances made?

All our fragrances are designed and produced in Italy.

Can Locherber Milano products be placed on any surface?

We recommend placing our products on stable, heat-resistant surfaces, avoiding polished, painted or varnished surfaces, and not placing them on electrical appliances, near or on heat sources or flammable materials.

Can you extinguish the candle with water?

It is absolutely not recommended: it is recommended to avoid any liquid.

Is it possible to reuse the same bottle with the refill of a new fragrance?

Yes, only after having carefully washed it first with water, then with alcohol and finally dried.

Do I need to be registered on the Locherber Milano website to make purchases?

No, you don't need to be registered.

How can I get help with an order?

Contact our Customer Service at the following no. by phone: + 39 0245471001 – or write to us at the email address

What to do if you buy the wrong item?

Contact our Customer Service promptly, by telephone: + 39 0245471001 – or write to us at the email address always indicating the reference order number.

What are the advantages of being registered on the Locherber Milano website?

If you register on our site, you can edit and save all your data, stay up to date on the Locherber Milano world and create a wishlist with your favorite products.

Is it possible to recover the password to access your account?

To reset your password, simply consult the section dedicated to your account.

Is it safe to buy on the Locherber Milano website?

Yes, purchases on our site are safe and guaranteed.

How can I pay on the Locherber Milano website?

You can pay by choosing between: Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Is it possible to pay on delivery?

Not. Outside Italy we do not offer this service.

Where are orders shipped from?

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Italy.

Is it possible to monitor the shipment of your order?

As soon as the order is shipped, you will receive an email in which you will find the tracking number, thanks to which you can track your package.

What are the shipping times?

In Italy, orders are delivered on average within 2/3 working days. Abroad, orders are delivered on average within 5/7 working days.

What are the shipping costs?

In Italy, shipping is free for orders over €80, otherwise the shipping cost is €9.50. Abroad, the cost of delivery depends on the country of destination.

Is it possible to return the products purchased on the Locherber Milano website?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the products purchased, you can return them at your own expense, within 14 days from the date you received the order. For more details, you can consult the section dedicated to returns on the page dedicated to our general conditions of sale. However, the products must be intact, i.e. unopened and in their original packaging.

When is the refund made?

Once we have received the returned goods at our warehouses, we will issue the refund shortly.